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There are many things to discover in Weilheim and its surroundings, whether by car, motorbike, bicycle or on foot. Enjoy the advantages of our biker-friendly hotel, such as the motorbike parking spaces directly in front of the building. The diversity of the landscape in Pfaffenwinkel, the 5-lake district south of Munich, attracts visitors all year round with its beautiful nature. The area around Weilheim is ideal for motorbike trips. As well as the excellently developed roads and paths, a wide variety of routes await you in the hilly landscape, passing by forests, lakes and along pristine river courses. Our hotel’s location is a fantastic starting point. We would be pleased to help with the planning of your route. Ask us for insider tips for your motorbike tour. We would be pleased to help you with your planning with our local knowledge

Hotel Vollmann Weilheim Motorbiking

Lake tour

Routes by the water

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Hotel Vollmann Weilheim Motorbikes

Mountain tour

in airy heights

Hotel Vollmann Weilheim Motorbikes


upper Bavarian routes

Still eager for more? Discover many other suggestions for your next motorbike tour in Weilheim and Oberbayern.

Motorbike service & rental

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Experience southern Bavaria on a motorbike tour. Our hotel is guaranteed to be the right port of call when you are passing through on your tour of Bavaria, or as a starting point for a trip to the south east border regions. Technical service for your own bike, rental motorbikes of all classes, clothing and accessories can be obtained directly from our partners on site.