around Weilheim

A picturesque lake among green meadows and forests is the prime example of a perfect Alpine foothill panorama. You can enjoy this view at the many magnificent small and large bathing lakes in Pfaffenwinkel. A real paradise for bathers, sailors, windsurfers or for an excursion in a rowing boat. There is an idyllic spot for every visitor here.

Hotel Vollmann Weilheim Dietlhofer See

Dietlhofer See

Nature recreation area

The Dietlhofer See is Weilheim’s local lake and is located in the old part of town, just a short walk away from Hotel Vollmann.

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Hotel Vollmann Weilheim Ammersee


inspiring pre-alp lake

Bavaria’s third largest lake provides relaxation and an unadulterated nature experience over 47 square kilometres.

Hotel Vollmann Weilheim Starnberger See

Starnberger See

Enchanting setting

Germany’s fifth largest lake lies on Munich’s doorstep, and its shores are just as interesting to bathers as they are to visitors to the towns of Starnberg, Tutzing and Seeshaupt.

Hotel Vollmann Weilheim Ostersee


Nature reserve

The Ostersee nature reserve is characterised by springs, moors and wetlands. This is where visitors to the region can go on a voyage of discovery on extensive hikes along 20 or so lakes.

Hotel Vollmann Weilheim Riegsee


wonderful alpine panorama

Riegsee and the village of the same name provide a marvellous Alpine panorama and lashings of real Upper Bavarian charm.

Hotel Vollmann Weilheim Staffelsee


in the blue land

The Staffelsee has 7 islands, making it the lake with the most islands in the Alpine foothills. Many of the islands can be explored by ferry.

Hotel Vollmann Weilheim Pilsensee


in the five-lake-area

Visit Seefeld castle from the 13th century on the shores of the Pilsensee, with its historic tavern.

Hotel Vollmann Weilheim Wörthsee


Recreation guaranteed

Wörthsee is famous far beyond the boundaries of the region, and is one of Germany’s most beautiful and cleanest bathing lakes.

Hotel Vollmann Weilheim Soiser See

Soier See

in the Ammergauer alps

The Soier See is a moor lake, and was created during the last Würme ice age. Due to its special situation, it is considered one of the warmest lakes in the region.

Hotel Vollmann Weilheim Kochelsee


for connoisseurs

The location at the foot of the Herzogstand makes the Kochelsee the ideal starting point for hikes and mountain tours.

Hotel Vollmann Weilheim Walchensee


biggest alp lake

The Walchensee is Germany’s biggest Alpine lake. It remains refreshingly cool, even in the heat of summer, thanks to its impressive depth of 190 metres.

Hotel Vollmann Weilheim Eibsee


always the zugspitze in sight

The Eibsee is a natural idyll for relaxing or being active, with its crystal clear water with a green shimmer. You have a view of the Zugspitze, Germany’s tallest mountain, at all times when you are bathing.